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  Serial RS232 to TCP/IP Ethernet Converter
  - 10/100M auto detect interface  
  - User friendly Web browser based configuration  
  - Supports AUTO MDI/MDIX which means that a crossover cable or parallel cable connection could be used.  
  - Working mode TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, UDP Server  
  - 5 V RS232 level  
  - Virtual serial port supported  
  - Unique heartbeat package mechanism to ensure that the connection is reliable, put an end to connect feign death  
  - Under UDP mode, Packet Broadcast is prohibited, with stronger anti-interference ability  
  - Can work across the gateway, across switches, routers  
  - Can work in LAN, also can work on the Internet (external network)  
  - Transmission distance: RS232 - 15 meters  
  - It has 32 bits ARM CPU inside  
  - LAN : 10/100Mbps; protection: Built-2KV isolated from electromagnetic  
  - Serial port baud rate: from 300 to 230400bps can be set up, and up to 3 MBPS  
  - Network protocol: ETHERNET ARP IP UDP TCP ICMP  
  - Software tool: configuration software, TCP/UDP test soft, RS232 debug soft  
  - Configuration method: RS232 or via Ethernet, free software available