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  4G LTE Cellular Industrial Modem
  RS232, RS485 Serial & Ethernet to 4G LTE & Internet
  Serial Data Transmit Unit (DTU)
  - Industrial, stable and reliable  
  - Supports VPN (PPTP) client, L2TP, IPSec  
  - ARM 9 core and Linux system based.  
  - Supports 2G, 3G and 4G.  
  - 1 RS232 serial, 1 RS485 serial port, 1 LAN RJ45 port, 1 WAN ethernet RJ45 port which can also be switched to act like LAN port, and 1 SIM card socket  
  - Supports TCP/UDP client mode and server mode. Fourconnections online simultaneously  
  - Two serial working modes: Network transparent transmission mode and HTTPD mode  
  - Supports sending network identity packet.  
  - All ethernet interfaces support 10/100Mbps full duplex speed  
  - SIM card is self-locking type. It supports APN private network settings.  
  - RS232/RS485 interfaces realize transparent data transmission between RS232/485 and 4G network  
  - All LED lights indicate the running state of RS232, RS485, LAN port, WAN port, 4G network  
  - It has web server so that it can be managed through Web GUI for making configurations.  
  - It has firewall, QoS functions and supports static routing configuration.  
  - Supports DDNS and port forwarding  
  - Supports NTP and clock synchronization  
  - Supports Serial to HTTP format  
  - Supports sending heartbeat packet data to network or serial port  
  - Supports firmware upgrading via FTP.  
  - Reload button can be pressed to restore default settings by hardware.  
  - Integrated Hardware and software watchdog timer.  
  - Wallmount installation  
  Functional Diagram  
  Functional diagram