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  1 Port Ethernet (RJ45) to 4-8 port Coax Converter Master
  CLR-EOC-14M & CLR-EOC-18M Ethernet over Coax (EOC) extenders must be used together with CLR-EOC-11S as a set, where 14M&18M are located on the central position, and 11S is located on the IP camera side. This design transmits Ethernet packets from IP cameras over coaxial cable and can quickly turn any ordinary coaxial cable into a high speed network communication path. This gives the advantage to the project owners of utilizing existing coax infrastructure, thus minimizing the implementation cost and time. No need to replace existing coax cables with fiber optics. The system can operate for distances of up to 1500 meters which overcomes cable distance limitation in cat6 UTP cables.  
  Area of usage;
- IP camera systems where the camera is far beyond Cat6 cable coverage which is 100m. PoE support is also available.
  - IP camera systems where using existing coax cables is preferred instead of laying Cat6 UTP cables.