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  CLR-FXS-3000, CLR-FXO-3000
  30 Channels Telephone POTS over Fiber Multiplexer, FXO/FXS Set
  - 1U 19" Rackmount  
  - Supports FXO and FXS voice ports and magneto telephone interface; FXO port is connected to PBX, FXS port to the user's phone;  
  - Voice FXO / FXS access, supports caller ID function and reverse polarity billing functions  
  - Supports Telephone Number mutual function of each site  
  - Transmission distance of up to 2 to 40km  
  - Multiple power mode options: AC220V, DC-48V / DC24V  
  - Telephone interface with lightning protection, lightning reached 17626.5 (IEC61000-4-5) Short circuit current wave 8 / 20μs, the peak output voltage 6KV open standards;