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  HDMI Cat6 Extender Set
  HDMI 2.0
  Multi-receiver cascade transmission

CLR-HDMI-E606 extends high quality, 4Kx2K@60Hz HDMI video from sources like NVR, DVR, DVD Player, Blu-ray Player Set-top box, console systems or other video equipments, with Cat6 UTP cable up to 60meters. This way it overcomes HDMI cable signal transmission distance limit . The video is sent as uncompressed so that it provides lossless transmission.

It also supports multi-receiver cascade toplogy.

  Area of usage
- Long distance transmission of high quality HDMI video, USB and audio.
- HDMI monitors in the shopping centers, hospitals, schools, etc.
- Video conference systems
- Medical monitoring system
- CCTV, multimedia projects
- The industrial automation and control systems
- Big screen LED curtain wall display projects
- LCD and plasma flat panel multimedia advertising
- Security monitoring system
- Multimedia network education system