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  4K*2K HDBaseT HDMI Extender over Cat6/Cat7 cable
  with IR function
  30Hz V1.4 70M Point to Point
  Lossless uncompressed HDMI signal
   HDMI Functions  
 Version - HDMI 1.4
 HDMI signal - 4Kx2K,compatible with HDCP,support CEC and 24bits deep color
 Supported HDMI Input Resolutions - 480i/480P/576i/576P/720P/1080i/1080P/3D/4Kx2K
 Audio - LPCM, DTS Digital, Dolby Digital
 IR signal - Supports 20~60kHz wide frequency devices and Bi-directional IR transmission
 Transmission Medium
 Interface medium - Cat 6 UTP cable, Cat6a and Cat7 SFTP cable TIA/EIA568  B
 Connector Type - RJ45
 Transmission distance - Cat6 100m up to 1080P@60Hz 36bpp
- Cat6 70m 1080p@60Hz 48bpp,1080p@60Hz 3D,4Kx2K@30Hz
- Cat6a/Cat7 100m 1080p@60Hz 48bpp,1080p@60Hz 3D,4Kx2K@30Hz
 Environmental specs
 Power supply - DC12V/3A
 Power consumption - 8W
 Working Temperature - 0~60℃
 Dimension - 98.5(L)x66.5(W)x23(H)mm *2pcs
 Weight - TX:79g   RX:107g
 Housing - Metal
 Color - Black