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  HDbitT HDMI Extender over Fiber Optical Cable
  4K x 2K
  - CLR-HDMI-S114 includes 1 Transmitter and 4 Receiver units & CLR-HDMI-S118 includes 1 Transmitter and 8 Receiver units  
  - CLR-HDMI-S114 & CLR-HDMI-S118 distribute 1 HDMI source to 4&8 HDMI displays accordingly over single SC optical fiber cable for each display  
  - Each receiver works with the splitter in a full functional mode  
  - Transmits HDMI signal up to 10km  
  - Resolution supported isĀ as high as 4KX2K@30Hz  
  - Immune to electromagnetic interferences (EMI)  
  - Low signal loss, wide frequency band and strong anti-interference  
  - Plug & Play  
  - Elegant design