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  HDMI Extender over TCP/IP Network with Cat6 cables

CLR-HDMI-T/R is a perfect solution to transmit high quality, 1080P HDMI video from HDMI sources like DVD Player, Blu-ray Player Set-top box, console systems or other video equipments, over current TCP/IP LAN. Up to 253 receivers can get the HDMI signal from one source using the cat6 UTP infrastructure. This easy to use solution avoids the image mosaic and color distortion in the video. It also supports IR transmission function. As an additional function, the CLR-HDMI-T/R can be utilized as HDMI splitter in its nature. Because the HDMI signal from one source is being splited to all receivers in the network.

  Area of usage
- Long distance transmission of high quality HDMI video and audio throughout TCP/IP network.
- HDMI monitors in the shopping centers, hospitals, schools, etc.
- Video conference systems
- Medical monitoring system
- CCTV, multimedia projects
- The industrial automation and control systems
- Big screen LED curtain wall display projects
- LCD and plasma flat panel multimedia advertising
- Security monitoring system
- Multimedia network education system
- Long-distance network server monitoring
- Military visual systems
  Application Diagram