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  HDMI Video Wall Controller
  2*2 4K
  One channel on four screens

CLR-HDMI-W22D is an HDMI Video Wall Controller, with 1 HDMI or DVI input, and 4 HDMI outputs, which divides and displays video from one HDMI source device on four seperated monitors.

The 4K 2x2 video wall controller's main function is to divide a complete HDMI, DVI HD image signal into 4 blocks and assign to 4 video display units (such as Rear projection unit, LCD TV, etc.), Complete with 4 HDMI high-definition video display units to form a large dynamic image screen.

  Area of usage

- HDMI monitors in the shopping centers, hospitals, schools, etc.
- Video conference systems
- Medical monitoring system
- CCTV, multimedia projects
- The industrial automation and control systems
- Big screen LED curtain wall display projects
- LCD and plasma flat panel multimedia advertising
- Security monitoring system
- Multimedia network education system
  Application Diagram