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  100GBase-LR4 QSFP28 Optical Transceiver Module
  Singlemode, LC, 10Km
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Parameter Symbol Min Typical Max Unit
Supply Voltage Vcc -0.3 3.6 V
Input Voltage Vin -0.3 Vcc+0.3 V
Storage Temperature Tst -20 85 ºC
Case Operating Temperature Top 0 70 ºC
Humidity (non-condensing) Rh 5 85 %
Damage Threshold, each Lane TH 5.5   dBm
Recommended Operating Conditions
Parameter Symbol Min Typical Max Unit
Supply Voltage Vcc 3.13 3.3 3.47 V
Operating Case temperature Tca 0 70 ºC
Data Rate Per Lane fd   25.78125   Gbps
Humidity Rh 5 85 %
Power Dissipation Pdiss 3.5 W
SMF Link Distance with G.652 D 0.002 10 km
Electrical Specifications
Parameter Symbol Min Typical Max Unit
Power Consumption P     3.5 W
Supply Current Icc     1.12 A
Transceiver Power-on Initialization Time       2000 ms
Transmitter (each Lane)
Single-ended Input Voltage Tolerance   -0.3 4.0 V
AC Common Mode Input Voltage Tolerance   15   mV
Differential Input Voltage   50   mVpp
Differential Input Voltage Swing Vin 190   1000 mVpp
Differential Input Impedance Zin 90 100 110 Ohm
Receiver (each Lane)
Single-ended Output Voltage   -0.3   4.0 V
AC Common Mode Output       7.5 mV
Differential Output Voltage Swing Vout 300   900 mVpp
Differential Output Impedance Zout 90 100 110 Ohm
Optical Characteristics
Parameter Symbol Min Typical Max Unit
Lane Wavelength λ (L0) 1264.5 1271 1277.5 nm
λ (L1) 1284.5 1291 1297.5
λ (L2) 1304.5 1311 1317.5
λ (L3) 1324.5 1331 1337.5
SMSR SMSR 30     dB
Total Average Launch Power Pt     8.5 dBm
Average Launch Power, each Lane Pavg -6.5   2.5 dBm
OMA, each Lane Poma -4.0   2.5 dBm
Launch power in OMA minus TDP   -5     dB
TDP, each Lane TDP     3.0 dB
Extinction Ratio ER 3.5     dB
RIN20OMA RIN     -130 dB/H
Optical Return Loss TOL     20 dB
Transmitter Reflectance Rt -20 dB
Eye Mask coordinates: X1, X2, X3, Y1, Y2, Y3   {0.31, 0.4, 0.45, 0.34, 0.38, 0.4}  
Average Launch Power OFF Poff     -30 dBm
Damage Treshold, each lane THd 3.5   dBm
Average Receive Power Per Lane Pin -13.0   2.5 dBm
Receive Power (OMA) per lane OMA 2.5 dBm
Receiver Sensitivity (OMA) per Lane SEN -11.5 dBm
Stressed Receiver Sensitivity (OMA) per each Lane -8.6 dBm
RX_ LOS_ Assert LOSA   -16   dBm
RX_ LOS_ De-Assert LOSD -14   dBm
RX_ LOS_ Hysteresis LOSH 0.5 2 dB
Receiver Electrical 3 dB upper Cutoff Frequency, each Lane Fc   31 GHz
Conditions of Stress Receiver Sensitivity Test
Vertical Eye Closure Penalty VECP 1.9   dB
Stressed Eye J2 Jitter J2 0.33   UI
Stressed Eye J4 Jitter J4 0.48   UI
Pin Descriptions
Pin Logic Symbol Name/Description
1 GND Module Ground
2 CML-I Tx2- Transmitter inverted data input
3 CML-I Tx2+ Transmitter non-inverted data input
4 GND Module Ground
5 CML-I Tx4- Transmitter inverted data input
6 CML-I Tx4+ Transmitter non-inverted data input
7 GND Module Ground
8 LVTTL-I MODSEIL Module Select
9 LVTTL-I ResetL Module Reset
10 VCCRx +3.3v Receiver Power Supply
11 LVCMOS-I SCL 2-wire Serial interface clock
12 LVCMOS-I/O SDA 2-wire Serial interface data
13 GND Module Ground
14 CML-O RX3+ Receiver non-inverted data output
15 CML-O RX3- Receiver inverted data output
16 GND Module Ground
17 CML-O RX1+ Receiver non-inverted data output
18 CML-O RX1- Receiver inverted data output
19 GND Module Ground
20 GND Module Ground
21 CML-O RX2- Receiver inverted data output
22 CML-O RX2+ Receiver non-inverted data output
23 GND Module Ground
24 CML-O RX4- Receiver inverted data output
25 CML-O RX4+ Receiver non-inverted data output
26 GND Module Ground
27 LVTTL-O ModPrsL Module Present, internal pulled down to GND
28 LVTTL-O IntL Interrupt output, should be pulled up on host board
29 VCCTx +3.3v Transmitter Power Supply
30 VCC1 +3.3v Power Supply
31 LVTTL-I LPMode Low Power Mode
32 GND Module Ground
33 CML-I Tx3+ Transmitter non-inverted data input
34 CML-I Tx3- Transmitter inverted data input
35 GND Module Ground
36 CML-I Tx1+ Transmitter non-inverted data input
37 CML-I Tx1- Transmitter inverted data input
38 GND Module Ground
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