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  2*10/100/1000Base-TX to 1*1000Base-FX SFP slot
  industrial gigabitethernet switch
CLR-IES-G21S industrial gigabit ethernet switch with 2xRJ45 ports and 1xSFP slot is designed for industrial development with one of industrial-grade transceivers. It can work in the harsh industrial electromagnetic environments for industrial Ethernet devices, over long distances via optical fiber and anti-electromagnetic interference with communications, suitable for different regions with various temperature levels.

Data switching is more fluid and stable with the use of built-in high-speed industrial chipset.

CLR-IES-G21S provides a convenient, robust and reliable way for networking industrial control systems. It can satisfy customers requirements for long distance, high speed transmissions.

CLR-IES-G21S adopts industry standard design, IP40 protection under -40 to 80°C working temperature. Its power supply input is 18V ~ 36VDC