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  CLR-MB-xxx Series
  Modbus to Fiber Optic Converter Series
 Bus data interface
 Protocols  Modbus, CS31, CC-Link, Interbus, BACnet, ARCnet, MPI, PPI etc based on RS232/485 serial networks
 RS232 Baud rate  0~115.2Kbps, support RXD, TXD, GND three line works
 RS422  RX-, RX +,TX-, TX + full-duplex mode
 RS485  A, B half-duplex mode
 RS422/485 Baud rate  0~10Mbps optional
 Isolation voltage  Instantaneous voltage 5000V, constant voltage 1000V
 Resistor  without terminal resistor, connect external when necessary
 Optical Interface
 Wavelength  multi-mode 850nm, 1310 nm; single mode 1310 nm, 1550nm
 Fiber type  multi-mode 50/125um, 62.5/125um, 100/140um; single mode 8.3/125 um, 9/125um, 10/125um
 Transmission distance  multi-mode 2km, single mode 20km.
 Fiber interface type  ST/SC/FC (optional); ST (standard configuration).
 Power and protection
 Power  DC (9~30V) dual redundant power input, 24VDC typical, power consumption less than 1.5W
 Protection  DC1000V voltage isolation and reverse connect protection
 Relay  Fiber link fault alarm, Contact rating: DC48V/1A Max.
 Power connector  Industrial Pluggable Screw Terminal
 Dimension  136mm x 54mm x 106mm (H x W x D)
 Housing  IP30 protection, Metal case (wave grain aluminum reinforce case option)
 Installation  35mm DIN-Rail, Wall Mounting
 Weight  800g
 Operating Temperature  -10ºC ~ 70ºC (-40ºC ~ 85ºC optional)
 Storage Temperature  -40ºC ~ 85ºC
 Relative Humidity  ≤90% (non-condensing)