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  CLR-MCG-11P & CLR-MCG-11P+
  10/100/1000Base-TX PoE to SC SM Converter 15.4W
  10/100/1000Base-TX PoE to SC SM Converter 25.5W
  CLR-MCG-11P is 10/100/1000M, fiber optical to copper PoE media converter which is easy to install and operate. It has LEDs on the front-panel that provide diagnostics of the whole system and help the operator to monitor the status of each individual port. This media converter can supply power to the connected PD (Powered Device) over twisted cable (UTP). The integration of data and power on the same line gives you flexibility while building your network. IP Cameras, Wireless APs, VoIP phones, etc. can be connected to these switches without the need of an external power supply. Over current protection and short circuit protection are also supported to ensure the power supply safety. The main difference between the models is CLR-MCG-11P supports industry standard IEEE 802.3af which means to supply up to 15.4W on the RJ45 port, and CLR-MCG-11P+ supports IEEE 802.3at up to 25.5W on the RJ45 port to a max transmission distance of 100m.  
  CLR-MCG-11P is a plug and play standards-based PoE switch that senses and adjusts itself for network speed and cabling type automatically, for easy integration into your existing Gigabit Ethernet network. On PoE port CLR-MCG-11P automatically detects IEEE802.3af compliant devices, and supplies power as needed.  
  CLR-MCG-11P has fanless design which makes it work silently. It can be mounted on a wall with the help of mounting hardware or positioned on desktop.  
  Application Diagram