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  PCI-E Fiber NIC 1 x Gigabit SFP slot - Desktop type
  CLR-NIC-DG-SFP is a PCI-E bus 1000Mbps fiber network card. It can be matched with different optical transceiver modules with different transmission distances according to the user needs. The network card can offer users reliable fiber-optic link on gigabit ethernet, particularly it is good choice for locations where covered distance to the host devices is beyond 100m. It can completely replace the Ethernet card with RJ45 port. Also provides reliable FTTH and FTTD solutions. Users can select the optical interface parameters (single-mode / multi-mode fiber, working distance, etc).  
  Uses the American Marvell as major chipset controller and the USA Broadcom as original photoelectric controller to supply high performance for network card. Efficient high-power management chipset provides a safe, stable and reliable power source to the NIC.