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  PCI-E x 8 10Gigabit Fiber NIC 2 x 10G SFP+ slots - Server Type
  - Plug and play  
  - PCI-E X 8 compliant  
  - 10G SFP+ module with LC connector, MM and SM available  
  - Supports PCI-SIG SR-IOV mechanism which provides devices to advertise their ability to be directly assigned to multiple virtual machines.  
  - Unified Networking and Storage - lovers data center Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by providing the ability to route LAN and SAN traffic over a single fabric.  
  - Supports Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) which encapsulates Fiber Channel frames over standard Ethernet networks, enabling Fiber Channel to take advantage of 10 GbE networks while preserving its native protocol.  
  - Supports iSCSI. Provides complete support for native OS and VMM iSCSI initiators as well as iSCSI boot.  
  - Advanced features for reliable performance  
  - Supports IPsec offload for Microsofts Network Access Protection (NAP), Active Directory, and future security capabilities in Windows7  
  - PCIe v2.0 (5GT/s) support enables customers to take full advantage of 10GbE by providing a maximum of 20Gbps bidirectional throughput per port on a single dual port card.  
  - Supports technologies such as multiple queues, receive-side scaling, multiple MSI-X vectors, and Low Latency Interrupts which distribute network processing across multiple CPU cores.