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  Fast Ethernet PoE Extender 48VDC IEEE 802.3af 15.4W
  CLR-PSE-104, 10/100M 15.4W PoE extender offers a cost effective fully IEEE802.3af compliant solution to upgrade existing infrastructure with PoE providing a maximum of 15.4W power ensuring safe operation with any standard PoE powered devices. It is a newly designed and simple device which extends both the reach of Ethernet Data and IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet over the standard 100m CAT6 UTP cable to 200m.

CLR-PSE-104 is designed as the repeater to forward both Ethernet data and PoE power so that it increases the range of the PoE powered device installation. By just plugging and playing, no additional power supply or set up required, CLR-PSE-104 can increase the PoE range to 200m.

It allows IP telephones, wireless LAN access points, security network cameras and IP terminals to be powered along with data over ethernet standard cables, leaving infrastructures completely unaltered.

CLR-PSE-104 is suitable for indoor usage. The ectender and the network terminal equipment are connected with UTP Cat6 data cable as seen in below application picture.

CLR-PSE-104 can be connected to Ethernet devices, such as routers, switches, wireless AP, telephone network, ip cameras and other POE powered applications consistent with IEEE802.3af standards.