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  CLR-STF-244S & CLR-STF-244M
  RS232/RS422/RS485 to F/O Converter SC SM 20km
  RS232/RS422/RS485 to F/O Converter SC MM 2km
  With a pair of CLR-STF-244 serial to fiber optical modems, any two pieces of serial equipment wich have RS232/422/RS485 interfaces can communicate at half or full duplex speeds over two fiber cores at serial communication rates up to 500KBPS. Fiber lines are insensitive to EMI/RFI and transient surges, so they are ideal for data communications near heavy electrical equipment and other electrical or radio interference.

CLR-STF-244 is based on FPGA, which supports asynchronous RS232/422/RS485 communication interface Fiber Modem. The device is the best choice of connecting to the remote terminal unit (RTU) to a host (HOST) or a distributed data acquisition system (SCADA) controllers, with very high performance price ratio.