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  CLR-SWG-0800P & CLR-SWG-0800P+
  8 * 10/100/1000M PoE Ports 802.3af/at 125W
  8 * 10/100/1000M PoE Ports 802.3af/at 250W
  - Fully compatible with IEEE802.3af/at (15.4W/25.5W) standard on all eight ports  
  - 8 * 10/100/1000 Mbps Ports with AutoUplink  
  - Automatically detects the power needed by the PD device. Then supplies the appropriate power.  
  - Electric power is transmitted together with data on a single network cable.  
  - There is lightning protection on the RJ45 ethernet interface  
  - Supports IEEE 802.3x flow control for Full-duplex Mode and backpressure for Half-duplex Mode  
  - 8K entry MAC address table of the PoE Switch with auto-learning and auto-aging  
  - Natural cooling, compact size, less heat.  
  - Up to 100m power transmitting distance over data cable.  
  - LED indicators for monitoring power, link, activity and speed  
  - Plug-and-play, easy installation  
  - 1U 19" rack mount kit included  
  - External power supply adapter  
  - Protection against power surges.