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  8*10/100/1000Base-T Ports + 12*SFP+ (10G) Slot Managed Core Switch
  - remarkable performance with 276Gbps backplane capacity  
  - hardware switching, the packet forwarding rate of the wire speed layer 3 switching reaches 191.36Mpps, L2 / L3 full speed forwarding;  
  - able to be deployed in the Metropolitan Area Network  
  - as Safety and Reliability it provides DOS, DDOS, spoofing and virus defense  
  - supports IEEE802.1x, provides port-based user authentication, network shield, safety control, and policy control technology  
  - can restrict the maximum number of hosts connected to the port, multi-binding Ethernet interface , increasing bandwidth and system redundancy  
  - powerful ACL, supports L2-L4 data filtering  
  - policy control list and flow regulation  
  - convenient in operation and maintenance  
  - supports flexible port configuration  
  - managed via Web, SNMP,etc  
  - supports XModem protocol, use TFTP/ZMODEM for software upgrading and BootRom upgrading  
  - Supports SFP+, simulataneously downward compatible XFP  
  - enter or exit low-power condition from PHY  
  - Powerful Flow and Broadcast Management  
  - automatically detects and controls broadcast storm, supports IGMP packets detection, effectively limits the flooding of broadcast packets.  
  - supports full duplex mode and half duplex mode flow control  
  - Ethernet interface supports 1M as rate limiting steps  
  - supports IP multicast and QoS