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  H.264 HDMI Video Full HD Video Streaming Encoder
for IPTV Live Stream Broadcast
  - Supports H.264 Baseline Profile / H.264 Main Profile / H.264 High Profile  
  - Support MJPEG/JPEG Baseline  
  - Audio coding support MPEG1 Audio Layer 2  
  - CBR/VBR/ABR code rate controlling , 16kbit/s~40Mbit/s  
  - Supports Network interface full-duplex mode 1000M  
  - Supports one channel HDMI input, also supports VGA input via HDMI converter  
  - Supports up to 720P, 1080P HD video input and output up to 1080P 60 fps  
  - Able to adjust images settings  
  - Supports HDCP protocol and HD blue-ray  
  - Supports protocol HTTP, UTP, RTSP, RTMP, ONVIF  
  - Clean WEB dashboard, Chinese and English language are optional  
  - Able to operate LAN NET remotely in dashboard  
  - Management in WEB dashboard with necessary permissions set  
  - Supports the double streaming output  
  - The main stream and the second stream can be transferred by different protocols  
  - Able to set streaming resolution  
  - MP3/AAC is optional for audio format  
  - Supports switching between mono and stereo for audio output  
  - Supports GOP frame rate settings  
  - Able to add water marks on the streaming video by X Y coordinating and text box  
  - Supports inserting 3 pictures or logo in the web control panel  
  - Supports one key reset  
  - Supports decoding for TV box  
  - Energy saving  
  - Supports restart by itself once crashed  
  - Stable 3U quality chassis,  can switch automatically between main power supply and standby power supply.