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  Serial RS232 to WIFI 802.11 B/G/N Converter
 CLR-232-WS is a device server that helps you remotely control automation systems which have serial interface on them. It is simply done by wifi to serial conversion.
CLR-232-WS realizes transparent bi-directional transmission of RS232 and WIFI. Configuration can be made easily through web browser and its setup software. All the conversion work is done by the module.
The setup is only done once, then it will save the settings.
It also supports site-to-site connection.
  Area of usage
PLC systems, sensors, meters, motors, drivers, barcode readers, displays, entr control systems, cantine machines, POS systems, building automation units, fire alarm systems, UPSs, energy control rooms, oil stations
  Application Diagram  
1. Wi-Fi Server as Access Point
1. Wi-Fi Server as STA