Product Categories
    LAN Solutions
  Ethernet Switches Scaled to meet all needs of small and mid sized networks presenting L2, L2+ and L3 features.
  Industrial Ethernet Switches Robust and reliable for harsh and mission-critical industrial communication networks.
  Fiber Media Converters Make it possible to interconnect copper-based and fiber-based ethernet segments. Useful to extend the reach of LAN to span multiple geographic locations, eliminating electromagnetic interference as well.
  Power over Ethernet Devices that source power for the energy consuming devices, over copper ethernet cables, promising to create an easy world for system integrators.
  Industrial PoE Products  
  SFP / SFP+ / XFP / QSFP+ Transceivers coming in a large scale of speeds from 100Mbps to 40Gbps, supporting various interface types as ethernet, sdh, wdm,etc., mediums as fiber and copper
  NIC Cards Ethernet Network Interface Cards for desktop and server type devices with copper and fiber optical mediums, ranging from 100Mbps to 10Gbps speeds.
  DSL Products DSL Modems, routers and extenders including ADSL, VDSL, G.SHDSL technologies. E1, V.35, Ethernet, etc. interfaces.
  Wireless LAN Users have the mobility to go around within a certain area, still being connected to the network through wireless access points, bridges, wi-fi routers, etc..
  Surge Arrestors Protect expensive network devices and critical communication data from the effects of high voltage which is coming from data and telephone lines
  Ethernet Extenders Long Reach Ethernet (LRE) Extenders over copper twisted pairs
    Serial Communications
  Device Servers  
  Serial Converters  
  Serial to Fiber Optic Modems  
  Industrial Serial Network  
  Surge Arresters  
    Telecom Devices
  PDH/SDH Mux & Converters  
  Protocol Interface Converters  
  Voice Fiber Optic Multiplexers  
  Cellular Network Systems  
    Video Transmission Systems
  Video Optic Transmission Analog video, audio, data transmission over fiber optic cable.
  HDMI Products Extend / split hdmi signals over fiber optic cable, also UTP cable using connectionless TCP/IP protocol.
  SDI Video Products  
  IP Camera Over Coaxial (EoC) Extend both PoE and non-PoE IP cameras over coax cables, utilizing the existing coaxial cable infrastructure
  Surge Arresters  
    Test & Measurement
  Fiber Optic Test  
  Ethernet Test  
  Telecom Test  
  DSL Test  
  CCTV Test  
    Passive Equipments and Accessories
  Fiber Optic Splitters