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  Tri-rate 2.125/4.25/8.5Gbs Fiber Channel SFP+
  Multimode, 850nm, 300m
  CLR-8G-SR is an 850 nm VCSEL 8.5Gigabit SFP+ transceiver which is designed to transmit and receive optical data over 50/125 μm or 62.5/125 μm multimode optical fiber.
The SFP+ SR module electrical interface is compliant to SFI electrical specifications. The module provides differential termination and reduce differential to common mode conversion for quality signal termination and low EMI.
The transmitter converts 8.5Gbit/s serial PECL or CML electrical data into serial optical data compliant with the FC standard, and has an internal automatic power control loop (APC) to ensure constant optical power output across supply voltage and temperature variations.
The receiver converts 8.5Gbit/s serial optical data into serial PECL/CML electrical data.
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