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  CLR-AHD-xx Series
  1-16 Ch AHD (Analog HD) Video + Data 720/1080P Fiber Optical Converters
 Fiber Optical Features
 Interface  FC
 Transmit wavelength  1310nm, 1550nm
 Output power  -8 ~ 3dBm
 Receive sensitivity  -25 dBm
 Optical fiber types  50/125u multimode, 62.5/125u multimode, 9/125u single mode
 Loss  0.5 dBm/Km
 Transmission Distance  0 ~ 550M (MM) / 0 ~ 80KM (SM)
 Video Features
 Number of Channels  1~16
 Interface  BNC
 Input/output impedance  75Ω (unbalanced)
 Input/output voltage  1VP-P (peak value), Max 1.2Vpp
 Bandwidth  45MHz
 Sampling Frequency  108MHz high speed sampling
 Sampling Bandwidth  10 bit
 Rise and Fall time  <0.8ns
 Optical Signal Intrinsic Jitter  <0.2 UI
 Differential Gain  < ±1.5%
 Differential Phase  < ±1°
 Data Features
 Interface Physical  Standard industrial connecting terminals
 Controlled Equipments  PTZ decoder, Keyboard, Matrix, High speed dome camera
 Interface Signals  RS485
 RS-485 data rate  DC-250Kbps
 RS-485 bit error rate  ≤10E-12
 RS-485 Max node number  128
 RS-485 Transmission distance  1200m
 RS-485 Network Connection  Forward, reverse and bi-directional RS-485, supports point to point and point to multipoint connections
 General Parameters
 Operating Temperature  -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃
 Storage Temperature  -45 ℃ ~ +95 ℃
 Relative humidity  0 ~ 95% (Non-condensing)
 Power Voltage  DC5V 2A
 MTBF  ≥1000000 hours
 Power consumption  6.0w (Input: DC5V 2000mA)