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  4G LTE Wireless Gateway Router
  Ethernet & Wi-Fi to wireless 4G LTE
  - Industrial, stable and reliable  
  - Suitable for unattended environment , built-in EMC protection circuit likes ESD protection, surge protection and power anti-reverse connection.  
  - Support operator’s APN modification, VPN access and PPPoE  
  - 1 LAN RJ45 port, 1 WAN ethernet RJ45 port which can also be switched to act like LAN port, and 1 SIM card socket  
  - All ethernet interfaces support 10/100Mbps full duplex speed  
  - It has web server so that it can be managed through Web GUI for making configurations.  
  - WLAN interface which has 150m coverage supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard  
  - Working status can be monitored through LEDs  
  - Reload button can be pressed to restore default settings by hardware.  
  - Supports VPN Client (PPTP, L2TP)  
  - Built-in firewall which ensure the network safety. Firewall functions such as NAT, DMZ host  
  - Supports QoS, flow service and rate limiting on the interface.  
  - Supports DDNS and port forwarding  
  - Supports WIFIDOG function needed by users for custom needs  
  - Static routing, PPPoE, DHCP/Static IP  
  - Supports watchdog to guarantee system stability  
  - Port forwarding, automatic disconnection monitoring  
  - DIN Rail and wallmount options  
  Functional Diagram  
  interfaces and ports on the device