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  4G LTE Wireless Gateway Router
  Dual SIM Card slots
  CLR-CNS-G308 is an Industrial Dual SIM (Dual LTE) 4G LTE Wi-Fi Wireless Router with SIM Card Slot for field network equipments. Dual SIM cards provide a auto fail-over for higher stablity and convenience.

It has Wi-Fi interface and wired RJ45 interfaces for local network side. 4G LTE interface and Ethernet RJ45 port for WAN. So users can access to 4G network via Wireless LAN and wired ethernet interfaces.

CLR-CNS-G308 has high quality wireless antennas for wi-fi which uses 3dBi, and 4G which uses 5dBi. Its high-performance wifi module provides communication distance as long as 150m in open space, which is a superior transmission performance.

Security performance of CLR-CNS-G308 is excellent providing firewall protection to improve the security of the internal network while reducing the risk.

RTC and NTP protocols for clock proofreading provides precise time positioning whether in the network environment, or not.
  Area of usage
Power industry, smart environments, parking systems, etc.
  Application Diagram  
  CLR-CNS-G308 application diagram