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  4G LTE Cellular Industrial Router
  RS232, RS485 Serial & Ethernet to 4G LTE & Internet
  Serial Data Transmit Unit (DTU)
  CLR-CNS-L500 is an Industrial 4G LTE Router and Modem with SIM Card Slot and WAN ethernet interface for field network and serial equipments.

It has RS232 & RS485 serial interface and wired RJ45 interface for local communication side, 4G LTE interface and Ethernet RJ45 port for WAN. So users can access to 4G network and Internet via RS232/RS485 and wired ethernet 10/100M interfaces.

CLR-CNS-L500 is a compact and cost-effective Industrial Cellular Router offering 5 fast Ethernet ports for wired connection and global 2G/3G/4G LTE cellular networks for primary or backup Internet access. Built in serial ports and digital input/output interfaces makes CLR-CNS-L500 versatile in various industrial applications.

It plays an important role in data transmission fields such as energy monitoring, industrial automation, vending machines and industrial control. It supports data transparent transmission between RS232/485 and 4G network.
  Area of usage
CLR-CNS-L500 is widely used in various industries, it provides both wired and wireless connectivities for terminal devices to communicate with remote data center. CLR-CNS-L500 also has serial port and digital input/output for industrial applications, it can be used as a Modbus gateway to effectively integrate serial Modbus devices to IP based management systems via Ethernet and cellular.
  Application Diagram  
  CLR-CNS-L500 application diagram