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  Multi Functional Data Cable and Network Tester
   Functional Properties  
 Cable Test - Length measurement: twisted-pair, phone line, coax and wires, etc.
- Wiremap testing: display wiremap, conduct tests of STP/UTP and diagnoses faults for shorts, opens, reversals, miswires and split pairs and perform cable testing per T568A/B standard
- Tone generation: generate up to 4 distinctive tones for tracing cables
- Port identification: identify port and jack type, such as telephone and Ethernet, with speed and duplex information, up to 1000Mbps
 Network testing - Flashing port LED to locate a hub or switch port
- Ping test and packet loss detection
- Supports static and DHCP dynamic IP configuration
- Net scan to verify active host quantity in the subnet and display IP and MAC Address
 Environmental Properties
 Language - English
 Screen size - 128*64
 Operation method - Keyboard
 Connector - RJ45
 Battery - 9V
 Operation time - 50 hours (Cable testing / without backlight)
- 15 hours (Network testing / without backlight)
 Cable length testing range - 1 ~ 457m
 Cable faults testing - Opens, shorts, split pairs, miswires
 Simultaneous cable testing - 8 lines with 8 remote IDs
 Tone generation - 4 distinctive tones
 Ping testing - Displays packet loss
 DHCP testing - Displays acquired IP, gateway IP and DNS server IP
 Net scan - Displays host information
 Port identification - Displays telephone voltage and network attributes
 Dimension (mm) - 134 * 74 * 46 mm
 Weight (g) - 300g