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  Fractional E1 G.703 to V.35 Converter N*64K (N=1-32)
  CLR-E1V35-AC E1 to V.35 converter provides conversion between ITU-T G.703 standard E1 interface and V.35 port, and provides safe and seamless connection of communication between different devices with different interfaces. It can randomly use timeslots from G.703 E1 to compose N*64K (N=1-32) V35 channel, suitable for devices that have some unused slots, and devices transferring data only with V35 output. Data interface mode is DCE, can connect with DTE or DCE device.

E1 port supports BNC (75ohm) and RJ45 (120ohm), E1 rate can be set to N*64K.
  Application Diagram