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  Simple mini OTDR tester with VFL function
  Fiber Ranger
 Operating Wavelength - 1550 ± 20nm
 Fiber Type - 9/125um SM
 Optical Connector - FC/PC
 Detector Type - InGaAs APD
 Pulse Width - Auto adjustment
 Max.Distance ① - Reflection Event: 60km (≥1dB)
- Non-reflection Event: 20km (≥2.5dB)
 Distance Accuracy (Reflection Event) ② - ±(3m + 2*10^-4 * distance)
 Reflection Event Dead Zone ③ - 15m
 Power Supply - AA 3pcs
 Battery Operating Time - >2500
 Auto Power-off time (min) ④ - 10
 VFL output power - >1mW
 Data Storage Capacity ⑤ - 2000
 Working Temperature - -5~40℃
 Storage Temperature - -10~70℃
 Dimensions - 175*90*44.5 mm
 Weight - 278g
① The max test distance 60km means CLR-FR-1550 can detect the reflection events , where loss is >1dB in 60km of dynamic range; The detection distance of non-reflection event is 40km (>1dB).

② Distance accuracy depends on the length of measured distance, if measured distance is 30km, the accuracy is ±(3m + 2*10^-4 * 30*10^-3)= ±9m

③ Reflection Event Dead Zone means that the minimum dead zone of reflection event under the minimum pulse width.

④ Auto power-off time is 10 minutes. If fiber ranger is turned on and no operation in 10 minutes, then the unit will turn off automatically. If turned on 30s later and no operation, the back light will be off, then press any key, back light will be on again.

⑤ Fiber ranger can save up to 2000 measurement results in the unit; The data saved in the unit is showed by the mode of date. No, user will know the test time clearly when they check the data,.

⑥ The bare unit weight without battery, according to customer's request for different customized wavelengths, the unit weight may vary slightly.