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  HDMI Extender over Cat6 cables - 60m
  with local HDMI output on sender device
  - Supports full standard HDMI specifications including full HD 1080p.  
  - Extends HDMI and IR signals with cat6 cables  
  - Long distance HDMI signal transmission 60 meters  
  - HDMI loop-out for local monitor  
  - HDMI lossless transmission  
  - IR signal transmission for controlling the source  
  - Extends HDMI AV signal to synchronous output.  
  - Video signal is as fluent as direct connection  
  - Supports uncompressed HDMI signal.  
  - Supports uncompressed audio output such as LPCM  
  - Color reproduction technology.  
  - Auto adjusts itself to match the cable length to achieve best display.  
  - Plug & play. No need for driver  
  - Vivid video images.