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  HDBitT HDMI Extender over Single core Optical Cable

CLR-HDMI-F11T & CLR-HDMI-F11R, as a pair, is a perfect solution to transmit high quality, 1080P HDMI video from HDMI sources like DVD Player, Blu-ray Player Set-top box, console systems or other video equipments, over single-strand (one core of fiber) fiber optical cable up to 20km. CLR-HDMI-F11T & CLR-HDMI-F11R hdmi extender incorporates HDBitT transport technology.

This easy to use, one pair (TX/RX) solution avoids the image mosaic and color distortion in the video which are caused by interference from RF sources such as cellular phones or lightning, and transmission failures in the line, as well. It also supports IR transmission function. There is no need to worry about surge protection, as fiber is insenstive to electrical effects.

  Area of usage
- Long distance transmission of high quality HDMI video and audio.
- HDMI monitors in the shopping centers, hospitals, schools, etc.
- Medical systems.
- Multimedia presentation
- CCTV, multimedia projects
  Application Diagram