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  HDMI Matrix Switch 3D 4x4 - 4 inputs 4 outputs
with Remote Control and RS232

CLR-HDMI-M44 is a perfect solution to distribute any one of 4 sources of high quality, 1080P HDMI video from HDMI sources like DVD Player, Blu-ray Player Set-top box, console systems or other video equipments, to either of 4 monitors or displays. This easy to use solution avoids the image mosaic and color distortion in the video. It also can be used as an HDMI splitter to transmit the same source to 4 displays simultaneously. Analog R/L audio and digital SPDIF audio can be extracted from HDMI signal. CLR-HDMI-M44 supports 3D HDMI and HDMI1.4 (4k x 4K).

  Area of usage

- HDMI monitors in the shopping centers, hospitals, schools, etc.
- Video conference systems
- Medical monitoring system
- CCTV, multimedia projects
- The industrial automation and control systems
- Big screen LED curtain wall display projects
- LCD and plasma flat panel multimedia advertising
- Security monitoring system
- Multimedia network education system
  Application Diagram