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  HDMI Quad Screen Multiviewer Switcher
  Four channels on one screen

CLR-HDMI-MS104 is an HDMI 4x1 Quad Multiviewer Switcher, with 4 HDMI inputs, and 1 HDMI output, displays video from four HDMI source devices simultaneously on a single monitor. Switch to and control any of the four source devices while monitoring the other three connections in real time.

It supports quad mode, full screen mode and dual mode. HDMI signal resolution supported is up to 1080p@60Hz. It is widely used in many applications that require real-time monitoring of multiple devices, like DVD player, cameras and computers. It is the perfect solution for the applications need to monitor several sources at the same time.

  Area of usage

- HDMI monitors in the shopping centers, hospitals, schools, etc.
- Video conference systems
- Medical monitoring system
- CCTV, multimedia projects
- The industrial automation and control systems
- Big screen LED curtain wall display projects
- LCD and plasma flat panel multimedia advertising
- Security monitoring system
- Multimedia network education system
  Application Diagram