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  HDMI 2.0 Switch 5x1
  Quality 4K x 2K/60Hz
  5 inputs & 1 output
  IR control function
  - Five pictures can be switched easily via pressing button or IR remote control unit  
  - Supports 4K video resolution up to 3840x2160/60Hz with breathtaking image quality.  
  - Clearer and sharper images.  
  - Supports 3D play technology. Effect is more vivid.  
  - Double (local/remote) control choices; selects signal source by IR remote control, or pressing button  
  - Supports 24/30/36 bit deep color  
  - For 4K/30Hz and lower resolutions, supports input up to 8 meters AWG26 HDMI standard cable length, output up to 8 meters  
  - For 4K/60Hz resolution, supports input up to 3 meters 2.0 HDMI standard cable length, output up to 5 meters  
  - HDMI 2.0  
  - Supports 6Gbps data rate for tmds clock up to 600MHz  
  - Supports single high definition display  
  - Alloy enclosure material  
  - DC5V/1A power supply