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  Media Converter Rack 2U 14-Slot Dual AC Power
  We have two types of rack-mounted chassis for unmanaged media converters : 2-U 14 slots media converter chassis and 2-U 16 slots media converter chassis .The 14 slots media converter chassis supports plug-and–play installation of stand-alone media converters convert modules ,can hold at most 14 pieces media converters. The 16 slots media converter chassis media converter chassis should be used with card-type media converters .The 16 slots media converter chassis can hold at most 16 pieces card-type converters.

It can work stably and adapt broad width of voltage .It can store strong power and can be operated and managed easily. The maintenance of this chassis is also very easy. This option is the very one to meet the requirements of good stability, high capacity, good integration and good quality. This option supports hot-swap convert modules .It can work with single power supply or dual power supply as users wish, when the power supply should be maintained or changed ,it is not necessary to pull-out the converters ,this makes the maintenance easy. With all these advantages, this option can supply users with an effective solution of networks.