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  PCI-E x4 1Gigabit Fiber NIC single SFP slot
Server Type
  CLR-NIC-SG-SFP is a single port PCIe Gbe Server Network Adapter built with the Intel 82576 Gigabit Ethernet Controller. Ths adapter is the next evolution in GbE networking which has features for the enterprise network and data center. These features include support for multi-core processors and optimization for server virtualization.

CLR-NIC-SG-SFP provides high-performing, single-port Gigabit connectivity in a multi-core platform as well as in a virtualized environment. In a multi-core platform, the adapters support different technologies such as multiple queues, receive-side scaling, MSI-X, and Low Latency Interrupts, that help in accelerating the data across the platform, thereby improving application response times.

CLR-NIC-SG-SFP uses the latest virtualization technology called Intel Virtualization Technology for Connectivity (IntelVTfor Connectivity). IntelVT for Connectivity is a suite of hardware assistance that improve overall system performance by lowering the I/O overhead in a virtualized environment. This optimizes CPU usage, reduces system latency, and improves I/O throughput.