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  CLR-OFS-100S Fusion Splicer
  Optical Fusion Splicer - Core Alignment
  - Real fiber core visualization technology  
  - Takes only 8 Seconds for Splicing, 25 Seconds for Heating  
  - Average Splicing Loss: 0.01dB  
  - Up to 330 times of continuous splicing and heating  
  - HD CMOS sensor and HD aligner for double seperate optical fibers  
  - Splice 0.25mm/0.9mm/3.0mm/ Flat cables  
  - 5.7" Huge Color LCD Monitor  
  - Ideal for both indoor and outdoor splicing  
  - Electrode Life: 4,000 times splicing  
  - Attached Night Light  
  - Four display modes, fiber core visible.  
  - The advanced core to core fiber profile alignment system.  
  - Simultaneous displaying of X/Y axes  
  - Magnification up to 304 times  
  - Storing 4000 groups of splicing results.  
  - USB interface for software updates and transferring results to external devices.  
  - Splicing automatically starts once the shield is closed.  
  - Heating automatically starts once the lid is closed.  
  - Interfaces: USB, VGA  
  - Four display modes, fiber core visible.