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  OTDR - Singlemode 1310/1550nm, 32/30dB
  Touch Screen, built-in VFL
  - Nice appearance and structural design  
  - Special shell design for protection. Durable and able to work under harsch environment.  
  - Simple and user-friendly operating interface, shortcut key operation.  
  - Dual operation of touch screen and keys  
  - Short event-blind zone, tests 5m fiber patchcord easily.  
  - Has multiple kinds of test modes such as automatic testing, manual testing, and blind zone testing, etc.  
  - Light detection and alarm are provided in the line to avoid signal light from damaging the instrument.  
  - Built-in high-power, 650nm visible red light source for visual fault locator function.  
  - The USB interface functions can quickly realize the file transfer and report form preperation.  
  - The universal light output connector is easy to be replaced, which makes it easy to realize a variety of interface tests.  
  - Smart battery status indication, and low-voltage alarm function  
  - Optimization design of power supply. Built-in NiMH rechargeable battery charge once can support 8 hours measurement, particularly suitable for long time field construction studies.  
  - The multi-wavelength and dynamicrange selection can sutisfy customers' high cost-peformance demands to the greatest extent.  
  - The highly intelligent analysis software can accurately identify the faulty splices, connectors and even macro-bending.  
  - Multiple choices of languages such as CN/EN/DE/FR/RU/ES/PT/KR/VN. which can be customized according to customers' requirements.  
  - Quick start < 5 seconds  
  - Unique hotkey design: Key operation integrated hotkey function , fast positioning and analysis of events  
  - USB/RS-232 data interface  
  - 1000 test records storage  
  - Dust-shock proof (2m drop test)  
  - Single page single tracing line or single page more tracing line can choose the print mode  
  - Batch change and batch print function  
  - Waveform difference contrast function