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  Profibus HUB Repeater
 Elecrical interface
 Signal type  Profibus-DP
 Communication Rates  9.6kBit/s, 19.2 kBit/s, 45.45kBit/s, 93.75k kBit/s, 187.5kBit/s, 500kBit/s, 1.5MBit/s, 3MBit/s, 6MBit/s and 12MBit/s.
 Connector type  9-pin Sub_D, socket connector, definition of pins conforms to Profibus DP protocol standard.
 Protection  4000V lightning protection, 1 .5A overload current and 600W surge protection
 Terminal Resistance  without terminal resistor, connect external when necessary
 Power and protection
 Power  Dual power redundancy input, DC (12‐36) V, typical DC24V, power consumption less than 4W
 Protection  has DC1500V voltage isolation and reverse protection, industrial terminal interface.
 Relay alarm output  Power error alarm output
 Power connector  Industrial Pluggable Screw Terminal, DC48V/1A
 Dimension  132mm x 52mm x 105mm (H x W x D)
 Housing  IP30 protection, Metal case
 Installation  35mm DIN-Rail, Wall Mounting
 Weight  800g
 Operating Temperature  -10ºC ~ 70ºC (-40ºC ~ 85ºC optional)
 Storage Temperature  -40ºC ~ 85ºC
 Relative Humidity  ≤90% (non-condensing)