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  RS485 Splitter
  1 in 4 out
  CLR-RS485-S14 series RS485 splitter converts 1 channel of RS485 data input to 4 channels of RS485 isolated data outputs. It offers signal splitter and signal driver under communication controlling. RS485 output signal is safely isolated under communication. Its communication port is designed to have surge protection, short circuit protection. Signal transmission of RS 485 output can be monitored via system status indicator.

RS485 splitter is a high-performance RS 485 interface splitter which has external power, so that it is smaller in size. It has long transmission distance without causing loss in high speed and stability.

It is widely used in security and surveillance systems, attendance systems and IC card charging systems. RS485 sharer has multi-channel RS485 signal input, 1 channel RS485 output, Each port’s communication distance is 1200 meters, It can extend the data communication range, improve the reliability of data transmission.