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  Electrical STM-1 to Optical STM-1 Converter
  SC Single mode 20km 155Mbps
  The CLR-SDH-C155, so called optoelectric STM-1 converter, provides conversion between electrical interface and optical interface for STM-1 service based on SDH technology. All the interface boards are hot-swappable.

STM-1 optoelectric converter is an interface converer equipment which adopts one STM-1 electrical interface and one STM-1 optical interface. It carries the data services via SDH containers.

CLR-SDH-C155 which occupies 19" width and 1U height can be installed in rack cabinet.

There are three options for the power supply of the equipment: AC ~220V, DC -48V, and AC ~220V with DC-48V backup.
  Application Diagram