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  CLR-SWF-801P & CLR-SWF-801P+
  8*10/100M PoE +1*SC SM Switch 130W
  8*10/100M PoE +1*SC SM Switch 250W
  CLR-SWF-801P series PoE switches provide power and data to powered devices (PD) over Cat5/Cat6 twisted pair cables. They have eight fastethernet ports, four of which have the ability to supply power. Additionally there is one Fiber Optical singlemode SC port which can be used as uplink. The main difference between the models is CLR-SWF-801P supports industry standard IEEE 802.3af which means up to 15.4W per each port, and CLR-SWF-801P+ supports IEEE 802.3at up to 30W per port.  
  Advanced auto-sensing algorithm gives power only to IEEE802.3af/at end devices, so no need to worry about damaging non-PoE equipment. In addition, it cuts off the power when PoE devices are disconnected.  
  Easy and reliable, CLR-SWF-801P series PoE switches automatically determine PoE requirements, speed, duplex type and cable type. They have LEDs on the front-panel that provide diagnostics of the whole system and help the operator to monitor the status of each individual port. Over current protection and short circuit protection are also supported to ensure the power supply safety.  
  Compact and flexible CLR-SWF-801P is ideal for small business networks that need to use PoE inexpensively to deploy wireless access points and IP network surveillance cameras.  
  CLR-SWF-801P has fanless design which makes it work silently. It can be mounted on a wall with the help of mounting hardware or positioned on desktop.  
  Application Diagram