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  24*10/100/1000Base-T PoE + 8*Gigabit SFP slots + 4*10G SFP+ slots Managed PoE Switch, L3
  Total power is 400W
  CLR-SWT-2412P is 10/100/1000Mbps L3 managed POE+ switch which provides a reliable network infrastructure. It has intelligent features needed to improve the availability of critical applications, protects sensitive information, and optimizes network bandwidth to deliver information and applications more effectively.

CLR-SWT-2412P PoE switch provides power and data to powered devices (PD) over Cat5/Cat6 twisted pair cables. It has 24 gigabit ethernet ports which have the ability to supply PoE power up to 25.5W per port, 8 gigabit ethernet SFP slots which support various types of SFPs, and it also has 4 SFP+ 10 gig slots which can be aggregated into one 40G interface.

Total PoE budget of the switch is 400 watts. Each PoE port can supply up to 25W power

Advanced auto-sensing algorithm gives power only to IEEE802.3af/at end devices, so no need to worry about damaging non-PoE equipment. In addition, it cuts off the power when PoE devices are disconnected.

Easy and reliable, CLR-SWT-2412P PoE+ switches automatically determine PoE requirements, speed, duplex type and cable type. They have LEDs on the front-panel that provide diagnostics of the whole system and help the operator to monitor the status of each individual port. Over current protection and short circuit protection are also supported to ensure the power supply safety.

CLR-SWT-2412P, 10G L3+ PoE switch uses top-rated 10G network switching chip, multiple layers PCB design. With combination of hardware and software, it improves product quality from stable forwarding to speedly processing packets, and other work capabilities.

It is specifically designed for the growing demand of power consuming PDs (powered devices) such as network cameras, wireless LAN access points and other network devices.

It can not only be managed through WEB interface (http and https protocol supported), but also Telnet and Concole port with CLI. Network administrators can easily operate and configure all kinds of functions in this switch. It also allows reset by pressing button.

CLR-SWT-2412P has fanless design which makes it work silently. It can be mounted into 19" rack with the help of mounting hardware already current in the package.