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  CLR-TVI Series
  1-16 Ch HDTVI Video 720/1080P Fiber Optical Converters
  HDTVI TO Fiber Converters adopt the advanced uncompressed HD composite video and high velocity digital optical transmission technologies which convert the HDTVI composite signals to optical signals to achieve long distance (as far as 80Km) transmission through fiber opticl cables.  
  Area of usage;
- Intelligent transportation supervisory system(ITS)
- High-speed Way supervisory/Tele-Communication System
- Security protection system, TV medical treatment
- Long-distance Muti-media Schooling, Campus monitoring, CCTV camera systems
- Long-distance broadcast television transmission system
- City traffic monitoring system
- Public security, safe city monitoring system
- Highway security protection, charging system
- Building, campus monitoring net
- Industrial monitoring (airport, chemical industrial, steel, oil, railway, water conservancy, mine, etc)
- Military monitoring (storehouse, frontier defense, guard, nation defense, etc)
- electric power, oilfield, television program transmission system