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  CLR-VFL-HPxx Series
  Visual Fault Locater 650nm Universal Connector
  CLR-VFL-HP20 is specially designed for field personnel who needs an efficient and economical tool for fiber tracing, fiber routing and continuity checking in optical networks. It finds breakpoints, poor connections, bending or cracking in fiber optic cables; and it can find faults in an OTDR dead zone and is used for end-to-end visual fiber identification.

The Visual Fault Locator launches 650nm visible laser light into the fiber. When the light encounters a break or sharp bend, it scatters, and the scattered light can be observed emerging from the cable.

The Visual Fault Locator can locate breaks in short patchcords, which an OTDR cannot detect due to its operating dead zone. However, they are not recommended for using with dark-colored or armored cables.

The Visual Fault Locator can be operated in either continuous wave mode (CW mode) or in pulsed mode. Pulsed mode aids in locating faults under high ambient light conditions and improve battery life. It also could be used in checking connector quality. Often a connector may appears to be perfect. But inside the connector ferrule itself, poor gluing or dirt may create a microbend in the fiber. This microbend will produce excess insertion losses or return losses, and may result in premature failure of the connector.

As the visual light launches through the fiber, it emerges from the faulty connector, one can readily see the distortion as a series of rings superimposed on a normal output. Bending or twisting the fiber may affect the overall intensity pattern, but not the ring pattern itself.
  • Maintenance in telecommunication projects
  • CATV project maintenance
  • FTTx projects
  • Digital data network project maintenance
  • Fiber routing and continuity checking in optical networks