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  HDMI 4G LTE H.264 Video Encoder
  1 Channel
  SIM card, Wi-Fi and wired ethernet network

CLR-VSS-E200 is a 4G LTE HDMI Video Encoder which can transfer the HDMI Video to internet over 4G TD-LTE / FDD-LTE network. It is the best solution for stable and real-time video wireless transmission.

Its high integration and cost-effective design makes CLR-VSS-E200 widely applied in IPTV, live stream, broadcast, video conference, remote education, network video recordings.

  Area of usage
- Digital Signal
- Video conference systems
- Replacing HD video capture card
- Hotel TV system
- Live broadcasting
- Education/Campus broadcasting
- Recording systems
- Security monitoring system
- NVR (Network Video Recorder)
CLR-VSS-E200 usage
CLR-VSS-E200 application picture