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  19" 4U Video Optic Converter Chassis 16 Slots
  CLR-VTR-S16 4U rack can accommodate a combination of 1-4 channels video modules up to 16 pieces or 5-8 channels video modules up to 8 pieces. The chassis employs a 110/220 VAC Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) design, which reduces the possibility of a single module failure causing a shutdown or a major failure of other modules within the chassis. The high reliability and stability ensures that if one modules shuts down, the operation of the other module remains unimpaired. Two air-cooling fans are installed inside to further strengthen the superior performance of the system and eliminate the necessity for periodic maintenance. Status information can be read through the LED indicators on the installed modules. All of the modules installed in the chassis are hotswappable, which makes it unnecessary to power-down the chassis when replacing modules.