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  Tri-rate 2.125/4.25/8.5Gbs Fiber Channel SFP+
  Singlemode, 1310nm, 10km
These values represent the damage threshold of the module. Stress in excess of any of the individual Absolute Maximum Ratings can cause immediate catastrophic damage to the module even if all other parameters are within Recommended Operating Conditions.
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Parameters Symbol Min. Typical Max. Unit
Supply Voltage VCC 0 +3.8 V
Storage Temperature Tc -40 +85 °C
Operating Case Temperature Tc 0 +70 °C
Relative Humidity RH 0 85 %
Operating Conditions
Parameter Symbol Min. Typical Max Unit
Supply Voltage VCC 03 3,3 3,6 V
Supply current Icc 200 300 mA
Operating Case Temperature TC 0 25 70 °C
Module Power Dissipation Pm - 0,7 1,1 W
Low Speed Characteristics
Parameter Symbol Min. Typical Max Unit
Power Consumption 1 W
TX_Fault,RX_LOS VOL 0 0,4 V
TX_Fault,RX_LOS VOH Host_Vcc-0.5 Host_Vcc+0.3 V
TX_DIS VIL -0,3 0,8 V
RS0,RS1 VIL -0,3 0,8 V
RS0,RS1 VIH 02 VCCT+0.3 V
Optical characteristics
Parameter Symbol Min. Typical Max Unit
Output Opt. Power,8.5 Gb/s PO -8,4 +0.5 dBm
Optical Wavelength λ 1285 1345 nm
Side Mode Suppression Ratio SMSRmin 30 dB
Optical Modulation Amplitude OMA 290 uW
Transmitter and Dispersion Penalty, 8.5Gb/s TDP 3,2 dB
Unstressed  Receiver  OMA  Sensitivity, 8.5 Gb/s RSENSr 0,042 mW
Average Received Power RxMAX +0.5 dBm
Optical Center Wavelength λC 1260 1360 nm
Return Loss 12 dB
LOS De-Assert LOSD -18 dBm
LOS Assert LOSA -30 dBm
LOS Hysteresis 0,5 dB
Electrical characteristics
Parameter Symbol Min. Typical Max Unit
Supply Voltage VCC 003 004 V
Supply Voltage Icc 200 300 mA
Input differential impedance Rin 100 Ω
Single ended data input swing Vin,pp 150 900 mV
Transmit Disable Voltage VD 2 VCC V
Transmit Enable Voltage VEN Vee Vee+0.8 V
Single ended data output swing Vout,pp 300 800 mV
Data output rise/fall time,8.5 Gb/s Tr,tf 60 ps
LOS Fault VLOS fault 2 VCCHOST V
LOS Normal VLOS norm Vee Vee+0.8 V
Pin definition
Pin Symbol Name/Description
1 VEET Transmitter Ground
2 Tx_FAULT Transmitter Fault
3 Tx_DIS Transmitter Disable. Laser output disabled on high or open
4 SDA 2-wire Serial Interface Data Line
5 SCL 2-wire Serial Interface Clock Line
6 MOD_ABS Module Absent. Grounded within the module
7 RS0 Rate Select 0
8 RX_LOS Loss of Signal indication. Logic 0 indicates normal operation
9 RS1 Rate Select 1
10 VEER Receiver Ground
11 VEER Receiver Ground
12 RD- Receiver Inverted DATA out. AC Coupled
13 RD+ Receiver DATA out. AC Coupled
14 VEER Receiver Ground
15 VCCR Receiver Power Supply
16 VCCT Transmitter Power Supply
17 VEET Transmitter Ground
18 TD+ Transmitter DATA in. AC Coupled
19 TD- Transmitter Inverted DATA in. AC Coupled
20 VEET Transmitter Ground