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  CLR-CAN-xxx Series
  CANbus to Fiber Optic Converter Series
  CLR-CAN-xxx series Modbus fiber optic converters are designed for industrial grade applications. They support CAN2.0A/B, DeviceNet, CANOpen protocol, reach to 500Kbps baud rate and can work as single/dual optical daisy network.

CLR-CAN-xxx series converters' strong aluminum casing provides IP30 level protection. Installation method is 35mm DIN rail mounting. They have wide voltage input range as (9V~30VDC). They have output alarm relay, dual redundant power input and isolation protection function.

CLR-CAN-xxx series converters support one fiber interface and one data bus interface, two way cascade fiber interface and one data bus interface, according to various model numbers which are listed in Ordering Info page.